The Multiplier Event was organized in Türkiye

The Multiplier Event was organized a Supporting Experience Sharing between Generation Seminar on 15 November 2022 for representatives of public instution, NGOs, adult education centers’ members, the 55+ seniors, young people and families in Gedik University by Pendik Municipality.

The seminar that participated 142 people started opening speech of Pendik Municipality Deputy Mayor, Rector of Gedik University. The Project Coordinator presented a presentation about Project to inform details and activities of the project to the participants. 150 unit booklets and Flash disks that included project guidebook handed out to the participants.

The Project Final Meeting was organized in Türkiye

The Final Meeting has organized on 15-16 November 2022 in Pendik/İstanbul/Türkiye. The final version of the intellectual outputs (Mentorship Traning Module, Conflict of Generation Training Module and Digital Competence Training Module), web site, e-Learning Platform and the Guidebook was evaluated with the partners.

Each partners have shared information about their tasks, organized pilot trainings, local multiplier events. The deathline was determined for the last activities of the project. Each partner will prepare a document about their tasks and results for the preparation of final report.